Henry Milner’s life size vision of Lizzitsky design.

In 1930’s Soviet Russia the Avant Garde artist El Lissitzky built a maquette of his design for communal living in Moisei Ginzburg’s seminal Narkomfin apartment block. Henry Milner has up-scaled this lost model to life size for the blockbuster show Revolution at the Royal Academy of Arts. Retaining the use of card and paper in his reconstruction Henry Milner gives an honest and tangible view of Lissitzky’s intent.

‘Henry Milner’s attention to detail and planning was meticulous. In the mix of this, his creativity, sense of material and aptitude for design, resulted in two staggering installations within the exhibition. Henry Milner is undoubtedly a talented and ambitious constructor and maker, and the Royal Academy of Arts is grateful for his commitment and passion for the works that he made, which were a triumph.’ Flora Fricker, Royal Academy of Arts.